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Designing a CD cover

Some more designing on the way :)

As part of my course, I will shortly be designing a CD cover for the song ‘If I had a boat‘ by Tom Rush. The song is a country song about this guy that would go out in the Ocean if he had a boat.. and if he had a pony he would ride the pony out in the ocean on his boat.

It will be fun to make this :)

For the time being I have put together a bit of images on BlueGrass and Country music for inspiration, which you can see below. ^_^

The song itself is quite funny and light hearted and leaves you wondering about how the horse feels about being ridden out in the ocean on a boat. It will be interesting to have the three characters (the horse, the rider and the boat) in the CD cover, expressing their relationshoip with each other through their facial expressions… positions.. colours..

For the characters I started building up another moodboard:



  1. Valarie Arbolida | Thursday, November 18th, 2010

    your pictures are amazing

  2. admin | Thursday, November 18th, 2010

    thanks… ^_^’

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