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doodling with bamboo

I recently bought the Bamboo Pen and touch tablet and I am just amazed at how extremely cool it is for drawing, navigating the web and just doing everything you want to. (No, I have not been paid for this, although I wish I did). It’s pretty surprising that all the things you want to do are possible with this. It’s remarkable what these pads do allow.

Anyhow, with it comes a little weird piece of software (Bamboo dock), to which you can add dozens of applications. One of these being “LiveBrush” which is basically a brush-drawing tool with may nice pre set brushes. Here is what I did some time ago when I tried it out for fun. Unfortunately the max. resolution you can get it to is 1024×768. I am not sure if you can export the brush strokes as vector files.. I didn’t spend hours on it.. but found it really fun to play with for a bit.

click to view full resolution - figure of a ladys body drawn with a flowery brush

abstract smokey pins - click to view full resolution

click to view full resolution - abstract drawing of geckos

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