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Write a letter? Easy peasy!

I have just done one of the scariest things in my life! I would have never thought it would be. At university we have been asked to write a letter to ourselves, which the tutor will keep unopened for the next couple of years and eventually give it back sometimes towards the end of the degree course.

I was supposed to write about where I would like to be, what my aims are and what I would like to have achieved by then. Now, that is not a frightening thought, is it?

However when I wrote ‘Dearest Gaia’ I suddenly realised that I would not see this letter for a very long time and that I also do not know the ‘me’ that I was writing to, yet. It also made me reflect on how I never really focus on the future, but so much more on the present.

All in all I found it a very interesting experience which I would recommend to all to try. Maybe do it with your best friend, keep each other letters.. I am now looking forward to the day that I will open it. It is quite exciting. Well, for me. Sleep tight, you all.


  1. SHW | Monday, January 18th, 2010

    i wrote when i was about ten to my future 17 year old self – very strange and cute…

  2. Gaia | Monday, January 18th, 2010

    I love the idea. I’ll propose it to my own children one day. Well, a long way from here..

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