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MeatFish (disclaimer!! It’s gross)

I really need to bin this non-blog and make a serious website. But instead I am going to post some horrid disgusting thing that I did years ago for a uni film-project thing. I just came across it in the recess of a forgotten folder. The “meat-fish”. Barf away.
A fish made out of scrap meat

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Nom Nom Nom – My cake – hands OFF! I SEE YOU!

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Feel good Walk!

So I had this idea of shooting my walking feet. With a camera, not a gun.. I wanted to do this over time, in different places, seasons, situations.. One day- I thought, I would make something of it.

In the end I have taken about a dozen videos over a few years and this is the first edition of my walks! My plan is to actually make more and maybe involve more people in the process, to have a record of places where my feet as well as my friend’s have been.

I am particularly happy with this video because of what it represents to me and the memories that it brings about. Hope you can enjoy it, too! xx

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Failure and success.

One must be lying.

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Photos – photos – lovely photos!

This is a publication of some photos I have taken in the last few months wih my shiny CANON 500D. Love it.

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Taking a photo without a camera

I recently went to the temp exhibition Shadow Catchers at the V&A. It was really inspiring and it opened a new world of photography, which I had never considered before. At school I then had the opportunity to work in the dark room to create some very simple and basic photograms.

The results are all in black and white, plus since I cannot stop myself from using photoshop whenever I can, in colour are some manipulations of the images. Hope you like them as much as I do. x (click here or any of the photos to view them bigger on flickr):

Colour poster
Susuwatari ♥

The process is extremely simple: you have the light sensitive paper on a flat surface and work with red light (which won’t affect the paper). You then lay objects on top of the paper and turn on a white light above the composition for just a few seconds. This gets the areas hit by the light turn black / dark grey, whilst the areas that were in shadow will remain white, thus creating a black and white image of the outline of the objects.

Just in case you are trying to find out how to make a photogram and you have done the step above but still cannot see anything on the paper..In order to see your result you will need to keep working with the red safe light and ‘fix’ the image onto the paper with the right chemicals. Since I don’t know what chemicals are used to develop the photos, maybe you can try this link, which might help if you are trying to do it at home. Please do share links to your photograms if you have made some, I’d love to see what other people are doing. ^_^

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If I had a boat….

A little while ago I posted my moodboards for a CD cover I was designing. Now that I have designed it.. here it is for you to peruse if you’d like to.

Above, is my design process explained in a pdf.. click on “view full screen” on the thumbnail to see it properly, or if you would rather download it, you are welcome to do so here.

And here are my three designs :)

If I had a boat....
If I had a boat....
If I had a boat....

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Designing a CD cover

Some more designing on the way :)

As part of my course, I will shortly be designing a CD cover for the song ‘If I had a boat‘ by Tom Rush. The song is a country song about this guy that would go out in the Ocean if he had a boat.. and if he had a pony he would ride the pony out in the ocean on his boat.

It will be fun to make this :)

For the time being I have put together a bit of images on BlueGrass and Country music for inspiration, which you can see below. ^_^

The song itself is quite funny and light hearted and leaves you wondering about how the horse feels about being ridden out in the ocean on a boat. It will be interesting to have the three characters (the horse, the rider and the boat) in the CD cover, expressing their relationshoip with each other through their facial expressions… positions.. colours..

For the characters I started building up another moodboard:


Imperial War Museum

About what’s going on at school these days, I had to make a poster in 1940 style as an advertisement for the Imperial war museum. Below are my hand-drawn design and the final poster. Hate or love, here it is.

Britain at War

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Ahahaah. Gotta LOVE these errors. It’s Kind of similar to the humorism of the ‘Fatal Error’. But this one is just simple plain english. It just CAN’T do it. :)



between some html5 reading and some CMS learning.. I decided to take a break and try out some painting. I had not taken up a brush with the intention of drawing something consistent since I was a child and I have to say that it shows.
All the same, I wanted to share this short and pleasant experience with whoever has the patience to go through it.
I have uploaded some photos on my flickr account (gaia.chik), but you can simply click
here to view the slideshow without having to move on.


doodling with bamboo

I recently bought the Bamboo Pen and touch tablet and I am just amazed at how extremely cool it is for drawing, navigating the web and just doing everything you want to. (No, I have not been paid for this, although I wish I did). It’s pretty surprising that all the things you want to do are possible with this. It’s remarkable what these pads do allow.

Anyhow, with it comes a little weird piece of software (Bamboo dock), to which you can add dozens of applications. One of these being “LiveBrush” which is basically a brush-drawing tool with may nice pre set brushes. Here is what I did some time ago when I tried it out for fun. Unfortunately the max. resolution you can get it to is 1024×768. I am not sure if you can export the brush strokes as vector files.. I didn’t spend hours on it.. but found it really fun to play with for a bit.

click to view full resolution - figure of a ladys body drawn with a flowery brush

abstract smokey pins - click to view full resolution

click to view full resolution - abstract drawing of geckos

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Digital Memory

As a child I used to love lizards. I still do. This short animation is about when I was maybe 4 or 5 and I used to hunt them down. One did not like it and bit me. The lizard didn’t actually let go of my little finger for maybe 5 minutes, until my wise grandmother submerged my full arm in water so that the drowning lizard would think more of swimming for life than biting me for a lesson.

animated gif that shows a not so good looking kid touching a lizard and being bitten


The Gods must be crazy

In this short project I have adopted the technique called Rotoscope to edit a snippet of the film “The Gods must be Crazy”.
If you haven’t seen the movie I’d highly recommend you do: although very old and with no effects it is just simply extremely good and fun to watch.
Rotoscoping involves the editing of each frame of the movie, one at a time. There are different ways to tackle it and several software that may be used. In this case I used final cut to convert the movie into a 12fps video, then After effects to turn it into a filmstrip file and Adobe Photoshop to edit the frames.

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Mooncup Menstrual Cup